Architectural Services


Concerned about planning permission and permitted development?

When you choose Lifestyle Homes, we take care of these concerns for you, allowing you to focus on the enjoyment you will have once your new home; rear extension, loft or basement conversion is complete.

Whether you are building a new home or just adding a kitchen extension, loft or basement conversion to your house, we can assist you with the planning and Building Regulations implications involved.

Using our 20 years of industry experience, our team has submitted hundreds of successful applications and plans to various London councils. We can draw up accurate and detailed architectural plans for approval by authorities in very quick times, ready to get your project the approval required.

Doing the hard work so you don’t have to
Our team can design and complete all applications needed for planning permission and permitted development, including architectural drawings and plans with structural calculations. The submission of the planning application together with our on-going dialogue with various London Planning Authorities leads to a successful outcome for your planning application.

Do you have your own architect in mind?
Lifestyle Homes has worked alongside many architects throughout our years in business, and has created some beautiful and successful projects along the way. With the experience and skill required to work with a range of architects of different styles and specialties, we can collaborate with any qualified architect or structural engineer you chose.

We are delighted to have your questions sent to us, so please drop us an email on our Contact Us page, to receive a free, no obligation quote, or you may prefer to call our friendly team today on 0208 870 055, or 0800 695 4663.